About Us

Welcome to Viviyshop!

We established Viviyshop because we have the ultimate love and sheer passion for creating and designing formal dresses for customers. The company has always maintained a passion for making clothes and providing the highest level of service to meet its customers demands.

We have everything you need to make an entrance at any party, from a playful cocktail style to an enticing mermaid design to a magnificent gown. Walk around the room emanating sophistication. Exude class and style at every turn. Pick the perfect dress for every occasion from our extensive selection, all exhibiting timeless sophistication. You can find chic, elegant, timeless, stylish, or modern gowns. Have confidence in how you look and how you feel. When you browse at Viviyshop, you can always count on finding a stunning new dress.

If you have styling questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by Email: support@viviyshop.com. Inquire about the newest fashions, hot-right-now hues, product availability, and tips for finishing your outfit. Because we own our factory, we can make any outfit to your specifications. Sleeve lengthening, embellishment, sizing, coloring, and other alterations are all possible.